Call for nominations for the 2012 Zampolli Prize
The Zampolli Prize is named in honor of Antonio Zampolli, one of the founders of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) and its president when he tragically died in 2003. The Prize is given to recognize an outstanding singular achievement in the Digital Humanities. The Prize will be inaugurated in 2011 and awarded triennially thereafter. Terms

The recipient receives a cash award of 1000 GBP and is expected to give a keynote or plenary lecture (on a topic of their choice) at the annual Digital Humanities conference. ADHO will host the recipient as a guest of honor for the conference at which the Prize is awarded and the lecture given—this means that all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs of the Prize recipient will be paid by the Association. Selection

The recipient is chosen by a selection panel formed by the ADHO Standing Committee on Awards, with a representative of that committee as chair. Normally, all members of the ADHO Awards Committee serve on the panel unless precluded by conflict of interest; others may be included at the discretion of the Committee. All constituent organizations should have at least one representative on the panel. The selection panel is responsible for soliciting and receiving nominations, reviewing the nominees’ work, selecting the recipient, and writing a citation describing the achievements in recognition of which the Prize is given. Schedule

The Prize will be awarded triennially, beginning with the 2011 annual conference. The normal schedule is:

0. In the year of the Prize lecture, the selection panel for the next awarding of the Prize is formed and announced. Solicitation of nominations begins at that annual conference and continues through the year until after the succeeding conference. The selection panel will establish specific dates and nomination procedures.
1. Following the first annual conference after the Prize lecture, the selection panel reviews the nominations to make their decision. They may seek additional information or documentation, if needed.
2. For the second annual conference, the panel reports their selection to the ADHO Steering Committee and executive committees of the constituent organizations, then formal public announcement is made at an appropriate plenary session of that conference—a year before the Prize is to be awarded.
3. During the third annual conference, the Prize is awarded again and the lecture given. At the same time, the cycle begins anew for the following three years.


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