Notes on Audio, Radio Archives and Digital Humanities Research

1. High performance audio computing

a. HPC

b. The Imperative for High-Performance Audio Computing

c. High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart has expertise in Audio-Videoconferencing

2. Augmented reality via sound, Tourist Soundscapes, projected urban surfaces (Media Scape)

a. Augmented reality and audio see esp Volkswagen

b. Toozla: augmented reality AUDIO browser

c. Historic visual tour could have matching audio

“Augmented Reality Sightseeing” historic photos and 3D model superimposed of Berlin Wall.

a. Art and audio: Medea is a sound journey around the Black Sea:

b. Soundscapes and archives

c. Google project glass AR released for cyclists, what about audio?

d. Projection in a panorama surround cinema with multiple scenes and spatial audio (split conversations) “Eavesdrop” by iCinema UNSW



b. Possible to showcase with 3D heritage conferences at UNESCO Paris?

4. HTML5 interface design and audio

a. HTML video editing, what functions can be done with audio mixing? For example, you have different radio tracks that can be mixed via a webpage, see

b. Can archives be integrated with editing applications on tablets and smart phones? (,

5. Spatial audio and virtual environments eg OPEN SIM, Wonderland, Unity, Blender, procedural audio.

The goal of virtualized audio is to permit listeners and performers to inject themselves into a shared virtual acoustic space-to let a listener hear what a performer would sound like in his room or in a virtual performance space of his choosing. The listener(s) and performers, recorded or live, are able to move about the shared space at will, the system maintaining the illusion that the performers are in shared performance venue-a guitarist appears to be sitting at your conference table strumming softly.

b. Open Wonderland and Open Sim promised to be virtual worlds with spatialized audio that could work as virtual conferencing tools, Combine with 3D virtual worlds for teleconferencing, providing streaming located radio in VEs for teleconferencing,

6. Combine NUI, Soundscapes and urban design

a. Nordic + Natural User Interfaces (NUI):

b. Natural User Interfaces for a Radio Web archive? Pick the icons and move them on the screen, they play as you collect them.
For example: (Swedish

c. Could it be used with archaeology projects. For example, virtual reality reconstructions and archaeoacoustics (

d. There is also audio archaeology (

e. In a similar vein, there are good practice guidelines for archaeology audio archives(

7. Archive-PR and profiling

a. Is there research being done on what examples can best showcase LARM to a wider audience? What new research tools are required for net radio, etc?



b. Crowd tagging to increase profile and to study user behaviour (could be applied to radio archives?)
Indianapolis Museum of Art Tag tours

c. What are the issues in RADIO ARCHIVE RESEARCH?

8. Audio-video intelligent searching (DARIAH?)

a. For our contribution to DARIAH we need indexing tools and search tools ways of creating interactive video and audio content.


a. Could audio detection tools reveal recording location?

b. Pronunciation database retrieval, idiolects (CLARIN_NeDiMAH, DARIAH?). Update apparently already done. Hmm, but with ORBIS like data? (

Note to self:

· In passing, 3D sound

·  Note to self: where is that French video showing accurate 3D recording of sound that they added to virtual objects?

· Retrieving sounds via voice and movement detection (“Skyrim voice detection” the game engine can be used to create free standing levels). Medieval and pseudo Viking content is already built into the game.



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