cfp: Conference Images and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust

ESF-LiU conference, 17-21 September 2012 Norrköping, Sweden

Deadline for applications: 06 June 2012

Both Leonardo da Vinci and John Constable claimed that painting is a science. This science has been explored extensively in traditional aesthetics and art history. Given recent advances in science and visual engineering, creating images for science, of science and for the translation (interpretation) of science has become at one and the same time commonplace, even easy, and even more scientific. To understand the social, ethical and aesthetic challenges posed by the creation, use and appeal of such images, we need more than traditional art historyand more than insights from traditional aesthetics. We need to understand these images in the context of modern science, technology and society and we need ways of engaging those who produce them (scientists, engineers, artists, photographers, journalists, advertisers) with those who study them and those who use them. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from across the sciences, both natural and social, with curators, artists, producers and users of images based on advanced visual engineering. By exploring emerging challenges at the interface between advanced visualisation technologies, truth and trust we want to stimulate talk, interaction and collaboration between the arts, humanities and (natural, medical, engineering, computer) sciences and most importantly between these sciences, in a context where both science and (visual) art and the various sciences themselves are increasingly converging, but where, at the same time, disciplinary boundaries still separate those working across them.


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