cfps galore: calendar of HCI conferences
in particular

Dates Conference Full Name Location Archive
2012-04-16 2012-04-20 WWW 2012 21st International World Wide Web Conference Lyon, France HCI ACM
2012-05-14 2012-05-16 IASTED-HCI 2012 7th IASTED International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Baltimore, Maryland
2012-05-21 2012-05-25 AVI 2012 11th International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces Naples, Italy HCI ACM
2012-05-21 2012-05-25 CTS 2012 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems Denver, Colorado
2012-05-21 2012-05-23 NIME 2012 New Interfaces for Musical Expression Oslo, Norway
2012-06-05 2012-06-08 EuroVis 2012 14th Eurographics – IEEE Symposium on Visualization Vienna, Austria
2012-06-05 2012-06-08 ICMR 2012 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval Hong Kong, China
2012-06-06 2012-06-08 Persuasive 2012 7th International Conference on Persuasive Technology Linköping, Sweden
2012-06-10 2012-06-14 JCDL 2012 12th Joint International Digital Libraries Conference Washington, DC HCI ACM
2012-06-11 2012-06-15 DIS 2012 9th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems Newcastle upon Tyne, UK HCI ACM
2012-06-12 2012-06-15 IDC 2012 11th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children Bremen, Germany HCI ACM
2012-06-18 2012-06-22 ISWC 2012 16th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers Newcastle, United Kingdom
2012-06-18 2012-06-22 Pervasive 2012 10th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2012-06-25 2012-06-28 EICS 2012 4th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems Copenhagen, Denmark HCI ACM
2012-06-25 2012-06-28 Hypertext 2012 23rd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media Milwaukee, Wisconsin HCI ACM
2012-07-16 2012-07-20 UMAP 2012 20th International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization Montréal, Québec, Canada
2012-07-21 2012-07-23 IADIS 2012 International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction Lisbon, Portugal
2012-08-12 2012-08-16 PDC 2012 12th Participatory Design Conference Roskilde, Denmark
2012-08-26 2012-08-29 ASONAM 2012 4th International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining Istanbul, Turkey
2012-09-05 2012-09-07 FNG 2012 4rd International Conference on Fun and Games Toulouse, France HCI
2012-09-05 2012-09-09 Ubicomp 2012 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HCI ACM
2012-09-12 2012-09-14 BCS-HCI 2012 26th BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction Birmingham, United Kingdom HCI ACM
2012-09-23 2012-09-27 TPDL 2012 16th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries Pafos, Cyprus
2012-09-29 2012-10-03 Mobile HCI 2012 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services San Francisco, California HCI ACM
2012-09-30 2012-10-04 VL/HCC 2012 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2012-10 2012-10 UIST 2012 25th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology TBA HCI ACM
2012-10-03 2012-10-05 SIGDOC 2012 30th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication Seattle, Washington HCI ACM
2012-10-13 2012-10-17 NordiCHI 2012 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Helsinki, Finland HCI ACM
2012-10-23 2012-10-26 ICMI 2012 13th International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces Santa Monica, California HCI ACM
2012-10-27 2012-10-31 GROUP 2012 9th International ACM SIGGROUP Conference on Supporting Group Work Sanibel Island, Florida HCI ACM
2012-10-29 2012-11-02 CIKM 2012 21st ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management Maui, Hawaii ACM
2012-11-11 2012-11-14 ITS 2012 7th ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces Cambridge, Massachusetts HCI ACM
2012-11-28 2012-11-30 IITM 2012 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Technologies and Multimedia Allahabad, India HCI
2013-02-16 2013-02-20 CSCW 2013 15th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work San Antonio, Texas HCI ACM
2013-04-27 2013-05-01 CHI 2013 31st Human Factors in Computing Systems Paris, France HCI ACM
2013-07-21 2013-07-26 HCI International 2013 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Las Vegas, Nevada HCI
2013-09-02 2013-09-06 INTERACT 2013 13th IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Cape Town, South Africa HCI
2013-09-30 2013-10-04 HFES 2013 57th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society San Diego, California HCI
2014-04-26 2014-05-01 CHI 2014 32nd Human Factors in Computing Systems Toronto, Canada HCI ACM

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