August visit to Scandinavia via Singapore itinerary

I am landing in the Nordic region to finish a book project on organic design theories in early modern Nordic Architecture (Aalto, Asplund, Lewerentz, Fehn, Utzon and also some less well known architects like Kampmann and Knutsen). The main writing is based on a 90,000 word thesis, (plus a 30,000 word subthesis on pastmodern architecture), but I need to update the references, develop a more critical and philosophical approach, and take a great many photos! Rough itinerary so far is below.

BTW: I’d appreciate knowing of cultural heritage and digital media research centres that are open to visitors.

Wednesday 10-Aug-11 land in Singapore
Thursday 11-Aug-11 Fly to Copenhagen, travel to Aarhus
Friday 12-Aug-11 Aarhus to Aalborg to Skagen
Saturday 13-Aug-11 Skagen to Frederikshavn to Oslo
Sunday 14-Aug-11 Oslo to Hamar
Monday 15-Aug-11 Oslo/Gothenburg
Tuesday 16-Aug-11 Gothenburg to Lund
Wednesday 17-Aug-11 Lund
Thursday 18-Aug-11 Lund
Friday 19-Aug-11 Lund
Saturday 20-Aug-11 Lund
Sunday 21-Aug-11 Lund/Malmo
Monday 22-Aug-11 Stockholm
Tuesday 23-Aug-11 Stockholm>Helsinki
Wednesday 24-Aug-11 Helsinki
Thursday 25-Aug-11 Helsinki
Friday 26-Aug-11 Helsinki>Jyvaskyla
Saturday 27-Aug-11 Jyvaskyla
Sunday 28-Aug-11 Jyvaskyla
Monday 29-Aug-11 Jyvaskyla: talk on cultural heritage and gaming.
Tuesday 30-Aug-11 Rovaniemi>Tampere
Wednesday 31-Aug-11 Tampere>Copenhagen
Thursday 1-Sep-11 Copenhagen back to Auckland
Friday 2-Sep-11 Auckland

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