cfps: upcoming deadlines for conferences

12-Sep-11 30-Jun-11 GameDays2011 Darmstadt Germany Serious Games Meets Business
6-Nov-11 30-Jun-11 eResearch Melbourne Australia eResearch Australasia
18-Oct-11 5-Jul-11 VAST 2011 Florence Italy Virtual Reality, Archaeology + Cultural Heritage
28-Nov-11 8-Jul-11 ICIDS Vancouver Canada Interactive Digital Storytelling
16-Nov-11 25-Jul-11 ambient gaming workshop Amsterdam Netherlands
30-Jan-12 22-Aug-11 ACE2012 Melbourne Australia Australasian Computing Education Conference
28-Oct-11 30-Aug-11 Blender 2011 Amsterdam
19-Feb-12 1-Sep-11 TEI2012 Ontario Canada Tangible embedded and embodied
1-Jul-12 1-Sep-11 DRS 2012 Bangkok Thailand Design Research Society: Re:Search
30-Jan-12 5-Sep-11 ACHI2012 Valencia Spain Advances in Computer-Human Interactions
2-Jun-12 30-Sep-11 Crossroads 2012 Paris France Crossroads
24-Nov-11 24-Oct-11 ozviz Sydney Australia
3-Jul-12 13-Jan-12 ITiCSE 2012 Haifa Israel Innovation and Technology in CompSci Education
25-Jun-12 20-Jan-12 DIS 2012 Newcastle UK Designing Interactive Systems
8-Oct-12 1-Apr-12 acmm2012 Nara Japan ACM multimedia
10-Dec-11 TIES2011 Minneapolis USA Education Technology Conference
6-Jun-12 Nordic DiGRA Tampere Finland Computer Games
4-Oct-12 ECGBL2012 Cork Ireland European GameBased Learning
22-Oct-12 icmi Santa Monica USA multimodal interaction

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