Conferences for March 2011 onwards

13-Jun-11 15-Mar-11 immersive worlds 2011 Interacting With Immersive Worlds Ontario
15-Jun-11 14-Mar-11 GLS Games Learning Society Madison
20-Jun-11 13-Mar-11 web3d 2011 Paris
4-Jul-11 15-Mar-11 iacap 2011 The Computational Turn: Past, Presents, Futures? Aarhus
4-Jul-11 18-Mar-11 CHINZ Computer-Human Interaction Waikato
5-Jul-11 7-Mar-11 malacca heritage Malacca International Heritage Conference Malacca
17-Jul-11 8-Apr-11 moodlemoot au Sydney
17-Jul-11 17-Apr-11 Contact Zone: Museums Museums, Theory, Practice Linköping
22-Jul-11 28-Mar-11 GET Game and Entertainment Technology Rome
25-Jul-11 28-Mar-11 scientific theatre Designing Intelligent Environments Nottingham
5-Aug-11 15-Apr-11 SBIM 2011 Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling Vancouver
7-Aug-11 15-Apr-11 SIGGRAPH 2011 realtimelive Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques Vancouver
7-Aug-11 6-May-11 SIGGRAPH 2011 late breaking Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Vancouver
24-Aug-11 15-Mar-11 Imagining spaces IMAGINING SPACES / PLACES Helsinki
27-Aug-11 7-Mar-11 High rise shuffle Modern Architecture-aalto Academy Jyväskylä
5-Sep-11 7-Apr-11 interact 2011 Building Bridges short papers Lisbon
13-Sep-11 22-Apr-11 Designs on eLearning Helsinki
14-Sep-11 18-Apr-11 digra 2011 Think Design Play Utrecht
20-Sep-11 11-Apr-11 jvrc2011 Joint Virtual Reality Conference Nottingham
5-Oct-11 15-Apr-11 ICEC Entertainment Computing Vancouver
16-Oct-11 ? vast Virtual Reality, Archaeology + Cultural Heritage Alexandria
19-Oct-11 15-Mar-11 Desire 2011 Creativity and Innovation in Design Eindhoven Netherlands
20-Oct-11 31-Mar-11 ECGBL2011 European Conferences on Games Based Learning Athens
26-Oct-11 11-May-11 ISMAR2011 Mixed and Augmented Reality Basel
3-Nov-11 25-Mar-11 Creativity and Cognition Creativity and Technology Georgia Tech
3-Nov-11 4-Apr-11 IRVW Innovative Research in Virtual Worlds Coventry
8-Nov-11 1-Jun-11 ACE Advances in Computer Entertainment Lisbon
16-Nov-11 15-Apr-11 SIGRADI:Augmented Culture augmented culture Santa Fe
27-Nov-11 4-Apr-11 LIHE 2011 Teaching into learning via simulations and games Sydney
28-Nov-11 17-Jun-11 ozchi2011 Design, Culture and Interaction Canberra
13-Dec-11 17-May-11 Siggraph Asia 2011 Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques in Asia Hong Kong

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