notes at the European Science Foundation/COST Networked Humanities Conference, Art History In The Web

I am at the above conference in Acquafredda, Italy. Acquafredda lies roughly 200 km south of Naples, most here are Art Historians or Data Mining-IT specialists so it is a relatively unusual gathering. Many are German but there are also Slovak, Ukrainian, Luxemborgian, Dutch, Spanish, British, Canadian/Estonian, Brazilian/NZ and four Americans. It is the last day, Day 4. Some of the issues that have not been resolved include:

  • the future of museums and how to use/fight the Internet, and use/avoid social media such as Facebook (“the third biggest country”)
  • how to include text with 3D reconstructions
  • what is the scope  extent of art history?
  • why do people confuse network with Internet and Internet with World Wide Web?
  • and, in my case, avoiding violence in games.

I was asked many years ago how to teach students non-violent but engaging game design and it is something I will have to return to, and also to the philosophical notions of exactly what is violence. To suggest that heritage is a violent controlling process is one thing, and debatable, but that does not excuse the creation and promotion of violence, especially if it is unnecessary. On the other hand much of many past cultures does involve violence. Should we avoid or ignore the bloody past? Something to muse on.


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