cfps for September-rest of year

30-Sep-10 mw2011 Museums and the Web Philadelphia USA 6-Apr-11
30-Sep-10 EKSIG2011 Experiential knowledge Farnham UK 23-Sep-10
1-Oct-10 createworld 2010 Working on the Edge Brisbane Australia 29-Nov-10
1-Oct-10 nodem from place to presence Copenhagen DK 24-Nov-10
15-Oct-10 vs-games Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications Athens Greece 4-May-11
29-Oct-10 SIMTECT2011 Learning and Simulation Melbourne Australia 30-May-11
1-Nov-10 caadfutures 2011 Designing together Liege Belgium 6-Jul-11
5-Nov-10 SimAUD Simulation for Architecture and Design Boston MA 4-Apr-11
15-Nov-10 CAA2011 Revive the Past Beijing China 12-Apr-11
1-Dec-10 High rise shuffle Modern Architecture-aalto Academy Jyväskylä, Finland 27-Aug-11
10-Dec-10 C&T2011 Communities and Technologies Brisbane Australia 29-Jun-11
13-Dec-10 icc2011 Computational Creativity Mexico 27-Apr-11
10-Jan-11 interact 2011 Building Bridges Lisbon Portugal 5-Sep-11

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