CFP: Making Design and Analyzing Interaction

CfP for intent to contribute to the track “Making Design and Analyzing Interaction” organized by Jared Donovan and Trine Heinemann at the Participatory Innovation Research Conference, January 14-16, 2011, Sønderborg, Denmark.
PINC 2011 is a forum where participants from different disciplines and organisations can meet and challenge each other to develop the field of participatory innovation. Of special interest to Design Research scholars should be the track “Making Design and Analyzing Interaction” (Chairs: Jared Donovan and Trine Heinemann), as described below:
Participatory Innovation brings a wide range of stakeholders together in generative spaces where different perspectives can be challenged in constructive ways. An important research aim is to understand how this meeting of perspectives can be supported by tangible activities of “making”, such as for instance, prototyping, provotyping, tinkering, generative toolkits and forum theatre. “Making” should be understood not only as giving form to pre-established ideas, but also as a process through which innovation emerges out of the messy collision of people and stuff.
The aim of this track is to gather together examples from participatory innovation practices that involve “making”, so that track participants can build an understanding across the diverse range of tangible activities and open these up for (comparative) analysis. This track brings together ‘makers’ (interaction designers, process facilitators), who are willing to share video clips of their engaging participatory activities, with ‘analysts’ (conversation analysts etc.), who are able to investigate whether some of these activities serve particularly well in certain contexts or at certain stages of the process.
Researchers from Design Research and other related fields who are interested in contributing to this track should note that the ‘intention to contribute’ deadline is very soon – the 27th August 2010.
For this, we ask potential contributors to submit either:
– a video example of a participatory ‘making’ activity in the form of an unedited video-recording of 5-20 minutes, showing the activity as it has been employed in one or more contexts.
– an intent to analyse, including a brief description of method experience and a possible line of analysis. Analyses from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and from both micro- and macro-levels are encouraged.
For further information contact Jared Donovan at jared<mailto:jared> or check our (as yet) static conference site:
Keynote speaker for this track will be Lorenza Mondada.


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