anthologize turns wordpress blogposts into electronic texts of course you have to webhost the wordpress blog. apart from that it sounds great.

Latest Release: Anthologize 0.4-alpha

WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5 required for installation. Please note that at this time Anthologize cannot be installed on blogs hosted at

Please remember that this is an alpha release of a prototype and would be best installed in a test environment rather than a production environment the first time around. Please feel free to ask questions in the anthologize-users group.

Anthologize 0.4-alpha includes the following core features:

  • Use your existing WordPress blog content as the basis for your project;
  • Import content feeds from non-WordPress blogs and other publishing platforms;
  • Create a project containing one or more parts (chapters, acts, etc);
  • Add, update, remove, and reorder parts;
  • Add, update, remove, reorder, and merge individual items in parts;
  • Edit project items through standard WordPress editing interface;
  • Export your projects to: TEI, PDF, and ePUB (as well as rudimentary RTF).

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