cfp: Nordes 2011 Conference

Nordes invites you to the 4th Nordic Design Research Conference “Making Design Matter!”

Location: School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Date: May-June 2011 at the Department of Design at Aalto University, which is physically located in the Arabia neighborhood in East-Central Helsinki.
Deadline: January 10, 2011: Submission system is closed.

Nordes calls for perspectives on ‘Making Design Matter’. In the 2011 Nordic Design Research Conference, you are invited to present and discuss how design matters today.

Nordes 2011 in Helsinki is the 4th in a series of biannual conferences, which has included conferences in Copenhagen in 2005, Stockholm in 2007 and Oslo in 2009. Organized by Nordes – an open network of people interested in design research in the Nordic countries – the conference is attended by about 200 people and has rapidly been established as an important venue for design research. It serves several constituencies in design, ranging from design studies, history and management to professional design and practice-based research in art, crafts and design.

Participation is also open to people from outside the Nordic countries.

This website will be continually updated with information about the conference. Click above or here to read the Call for Participation!


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