cfps for June

1-Jun-10 Creative Industries Conference Auckland New Zealand 6-Dec-10
1-Jun-10 euromed Digital Heritage Cyprus 8-Nov-10
1-Jun-10 Internet of Things Tokyo Japan 29-Nov-10
9-Jun-10 VRST Virtual Reality Software and Technology Hong Kong 6-Dec-10
11-Jun-10 mlearn2010 Mobile and contextual learning Malta 19-Oct-10
15-Jun-10 HICSS Virtual Worlds in the Workplace (workshop) Hawaii 15-Jun-10
15-Jun-10 dmach 2011 digital media and its application in cultural heritage Amman Jordan 12-Mar-11
18-Jun-10 ICDC Design Creativity Kobe Japan 29-Nov-10
25-Jun-10 ozchi2010 Brisbane Australia 22-Nov-10
30-Jun-10 eResearch Where Computing Meets Data Gold Coast Australia 8-Nov-10
30-Jun-10 ACE 2010 Advances in Entertainment Technology Taipei Taiwan 17-Nov-10
30-Jun-10 VRCAI VR Continuum and Its Applications in Industry Seoul Korea 12-Dec-10

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