CFPS for May

7-May-10 ecap10 Computing and Philosophy Munich Germany 4-Oct-10
10-May-10 PDC Participatory Design Conference Sydney Australia 29-Nov-10
10-May-10 nordichi Nordic Conf. on HCI Reykjavik Iceland 16-Oct-10
11-May-10 siggraph asia 2010 Seoul Korea 15-Dec-10
15-May-10 Vast 2010 Science Technology & Museums Paris France 21-Sep-10
16-May-10 Oz-IA/2010 Information Architecture Sydney Australia 9-Oct-10
17-May-10 Creative Industries Conference Auckland New Zealand 6-Dec-10
24-May-10 GET 2010 IADIS Game & Entertainment Technologies Freiburg Germany 26-Jul-10
26-May-10 vsmm 2010 Transdisciplinary Creativity Seoul Korea 20-Oct-10

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