cfps for March

1-Mar-10 connected Design Education Sydney 28-Jun-10
1-Mar-10 ludotopia Spaces Places & Territories in Computer Games Copenhagen 22-May-10
15-Mar-10 Design & Emotion Design & Emotion Chicago 4-Oct-10
15-Mar-10 Create10 Innovative Interactions Edinburgh 30-Jun-10
15-Mar-10 EASST010 practice and performance Trento 2-Sep-10
19-Mar-10 HCI 2010 Play is a Serious Business Dundee 6-Sep-10
20-Mar-10 fng fun n games Leuven 15-Sep-10
22-Mar-10 moodlemoot without limits Melbourne 11-Jul-10
21-Mar-10 acm2010 ACM multimedia Florence 25-Oct-10
30-Mar-10 CHINZ Interaction on the move Auckland 8-Jul-10

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