CFP: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research – History and Heritage in Virtual Worlds

history_heritage AT

Please submit an abstract to the above email address for a special issue of Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. Include a title, title, names and affiliations of authors, and 500 words.


Journal of Virtual Worlds Research: History and Heritage in Virtual Worlds

I. Editorial Team

II. Call for Proposals

Virtual worlds provide a unique way for us to interact with our memories, interpretations, beliefs, and traditions. This can be cultural heritage in the real world, or the equally real social legacies of online communities. We invite you to tackle the complex issues of making these histories come alive in this special issue of JVWR.

Submissions can include (but are not limited to):

  1. Critiques of virtual worlds that involve historical situations or heritage sites.
  2. Guidelines and arguments as to the design and experience of virtual worlds for history and heritage
  3. Interviews (both physical-world and in-world) with designers of the above virtual worlds.
  4. Critiques or evaluations of sandbox games and virtual environments regarding history and heritage.
  5. Reports on accidental or planned historical or cultural events, artifacts and rituals that take place in virtual worlds.
  6. Explorations on how to best utilize the unique interactive, technical and psychological aspects of virtual worlds for the purpose of historical or heritage-based learning.

This special issue has two overarching goals:

  1. To provide case studies involving the design, use and evaluation of history and heritage-based virtual worlds.
  2. To outline the key theoretical debates pertaining to the issues raised by the design, use and evaluation of these virtual worlds.

Authors are encouraged to include a critical perspective, including discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of their own methods.

III. Key Dates

Abstracts Due: Friday 10 September 2010

Abstract Judgments Due to Authors: Friday 8 October 2010

Full Papers Due: Friday 7 January 2011

Initial Approval of Papers by Guest Editors Due: Monday 7 February 2011

Final Drafts Approved by the Guest Editors Due: Monday 7 March 2011

Publication Date: May 2011

For further details please refer to the main website.


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