cfps for February

It is a bit early, but otherwise I will forget 🙂

31-Jan-10 CAA 2010 Granada Spain 6-Apr-10
31-Jan-10 Entertainment Computing Brisbane Australia 20-Sep-10
31-Jan-10 FISCAR Helsinki Finland 23-May-10
1-Feb-10 ecaade 2010 Zurich Switzerland 15-Sep-10
2-Feb-10 CGI’10 Singapore 8-Jun-10
5-Feb-10 FDG2010 Monterey USA 19-Jun-10
10-Feb-10 ACE 2010 Bangalore India 10-Jun-10
15-Feb-10 connected Sydney Australia 28-Jun-10
15-Feb-10 Design & Emotion Chicago USA 4-Oct-10
15-Feb-10 DIS2010 Aarhus Denmark 18-Aug-10
19-Feb-10 GET 2010 Freiburg Germany 26-Jul-10

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