cfp: ThaiSim 2010

I want to slow down on cfps sent to this blog, but the ah layout of this website proved irresistible! 2010: Learning from experience through games and simulations

25-27 March, 2010 (Thurs-Fri-Sat)

Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, Thailand

Proposals = 30 Nov, 2009.

Early-bird registration = 16 Feb, 2010.

Share in expertise, research and experience on simulation and gaming for learning. Present your work. Help to develop Thai education.

Graduate students, teachers, educators, faculty members, practitioners, trainers, researchers and all interested persons.

All areas that use simulation and games for learning, training, teaching, evaluation, development, assessment and research.

Near exquisite islands like Ko Lanta, Ko Ngai (Hai), Ko Muk, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi.

Workshop: Using, debriefing and designing games and simulations: A hands-on, creative workshop for teachers and trainers. 21-24 March, 2010 (Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed)


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