Leonardo Electronic Almanac: Creative Data issue is now out!

it has taken two years but our special issue Creative Data is out on Leonardo Electronic Almanac. Thanks to all the writers for their patience!

Jack Ox, Jeremy Hight, and Erik Champion, Creative Data: Visualisation, Augmentation, Telepresence and Immersion
Trish Adams, “Machina Carnis”
Joe Faith, “Interactive Data Exploration with Targeted Projection Pursuit”
Joanna Griffin, “Satellite Stories: Immersion in the Large-Scale Projection of Google Earth and Public Storytelling”
Cindy Keefer, “‘Raumlichtmusik’ – Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema Immersive Environments”
Carol LaFayette, “Atta, Palindrome”
Luther Thie, “LA Interchange: A Real-Time Memorial”
Klaus Wassermann, “lifeClipper – Commonality in Images”
Ruth West, et al., “Algorithmic Object as Natural Specimen: Meta Shape Grammar Objects from Atlas in Silico”


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