ASFS – ASFS 2010 Conference

18th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for French Studies

University of Sydney  30 September-2 October, 2010

Playtime: formes, fonctions et théories du jeu

How do we define “play”? Why do we play, with whom and for whom? What forms does our playfulness adopt, and what are its cultural specificities? We take the proliferation of research activity on play and the aesthetics of entertainment as an invitation to examine their role in our culture(s).

This conference aims to explore French and francophone manifestations and strategies of play, across disciplinary and generic boundaries (literature, cinema, theatre, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, art), with particular emphasis on the social, ideological, pedagogical and aesthetic dimensions of ludicity. Artistic manifestations of playfulness and intrinsically playful practices (parlour games, board games, role-playing, video games and online gaming), whether pedagogically or socially motivated, will doubtless take centre stage.
From role-play to fancy-dress, from carnival to puns, the conference will explore the affective reach of games, playfulness and ludicity, their signifying power and representational range, as well as the cultural role they… play.

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