cfp: 2nd IFIP Entertainment Computing Symposium (ECS 2010) Brisbane

Cultural Computing: New Frontier for Entertainment Computing

In the 21st century we are getting into the era of “Cultural Computing” where computers would be able to handle specific forms and human characteristics that hide behind each culture. In this symposium we want to introduce and discuss still unveiled possibilities of Cultural Computing which would analyze and visualize substantial cultural issues such as sensitivity, memory, spirituality, storytelling, racial characteristics, etc. that have not been treated in computer science and engineering so far. There are various possibilities in this area. From art point of view, Cultural Computing could go beyond the present media art by treating various kinds of cultural issues. From technology aspect, it would open up a new area in computer technologies that so far have been only treating the digitization of cultural heritages/contents to preserve them. The 2nd IFIP Entertainment Computing Symposium attempts to focus this emerging and challenging area by bring various fields together and explore boundaries and new frontiers. This symposium will be a single track, highly selective set of presentations and discussions of visionary concepts, advanced technology, interactive demonstrations/installations, etc.

The symposium will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:
1) Preservation of cultural heritage using computers
2) Preservation of traditional technologies using computers
3) Treating models and types in cultural contents
4) Education of cultures using computers
5) Interactive installation treating cultural contents

Submission of papers:January 31, 2010
Notification to authors:April 20, 2010
Camera-ready copies:May 15, 2010
Conference:20-23 September 2010


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