cfp: NAI International Conference

Call for Presentations Deadline Extended
Deadline extended to October 15, 2009, for submission of papers for consideration on the program.

NAI International Conference
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
April 13–17, 2010

“Building Connections Between Continents and Communities in a Climate of Change”
The fifth annual NAI international conference will be a place to explore connections:

  • between global, regional, and local communities
  • between professional communities
  • between natural and cultural communities

All of these connections are set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing climate framed by economics, weather, politics, and many other factors. Global climate change can refer to any of those factors, but the interpretive community must be aware of all of them as we strive to communicate the importance of understanding and appreciating our heritage resources.

Join us in Townsville, Queensland to explore the many ways in which changing climates are affecting heritage resources all over the world, from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to America’s Grand Canyon and everything in between. Your thoughts on using interpretation to promote good management practices, techniques for instilling stewardship ethics, tourism trends that affect heritage resources, or research that supports (or refutes) the value of what we do are all welcome.


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