cfp: Borderline 26 May 2010 Genk // Ghent Belgium

Workshops, shows, parties,
lectures, designfreaks,
cumulus conference, job fair, visits, designfactories, …

Borderline design is your perfect excuse to explore the limits between fun and function, man and machine, urban and rural, old industry and new economy, Romanesque and Germanic, rational and irrational, nature and culture, … Design can shift some boundaries.

Genk (B) is situated in a region in the heart of Europe where several country and language borders are crossing and major cities like Eindhoven (NL), Liège (B), Aachen (D) and Essen (D) are in the neighbourhood. The last week of May 2010 borders will be pushed away, so make sure you save the date!

If you want more information about Borderline Design, please contact Heleen Van Loon via design or +32 (0)11 29 59 76.


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