Extended Deadline

We invite you to present your research at the Design Research Society 2010 conference. Contributors are invited to submit long or short papers that deal with different facets of the contemporary approaches to design research, education or practice.

All propositions will be independently peer-reviewed by at least two members of the DRS 2010 review committee.

Proposals of no more than 800 words must initially be submitted for review. They may be in English or in French, should describe the context of the research, questions addressed, hypotheses, how the research has been developed including research methods, findings or conclusions, and be supported by a sufficient number of bibliographic references. Clear indication must be provided whether the proposal is for completed research or work in progress. Images are not requested at this time.

Abstracts will be submitted in the form of an electronic submission directly HERE.


Following peer evaluation, authors of accepted proposals will receive an invitation to submit a full paper, accompanied by reviewers’ remarks and suggestions. Full papers, in either English or French and between 3000 and 5000 words long, should be in the form of original contributions that present completed research (specifically the objectives, issues, hypotheses, conceptual framework and methodology), describe work in progress demonstrating the relevance or the innovative nature of the object of study or develop a theoretical reflection about an issue relevant to design research, education or practice.

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their work at the 2010 Design Research Society (DRS) International Conference. They will be allowed 20 minutes for presentation and a further 10 minutes to respond to questions. The conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation of French presentations.

Since DRS 2010 will be held in a French speaking city and university, DRS 2010 will exceptionally welcome contributions in French.
Pour information, consultez ici.

For questions and queries, contact us at drs2010

Website: http://www.drs2010.umontreal.ca/cfp.php


Erik Stolterman
Professor and Director of Human Computer Interaction Design
Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Anne-Marie Willis
Editor of Design Philosophy Papers and Design Philosophy Politics
Co-director of design consultancy Team D/E/S

Can complexity be contained?
To speak of “design AND complexity” suggests design can be held outside complexity. From an instrumental perspective, it implies the designer’s task is to overcome or manage complexity. However, from the point of view of enquiry, the binary relation has to be refused and complexity recognised as the inescapable condition of design. To cast complexity pragmatically is to reduce it and thus negate the complex, while to fully embrace it is to create an unbounded exploration leading to chaos and madness. The challenge then is to find an appropriate mode of thinking, practice and a language to engage complexity.

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