CFPs for April

1-Apr-09    DAC09    Digital Aesthetics and Culture    California USA    13-Dec-09
2-Apr-09    Cumulus 2009    Hemispheric shifts across learning teaching and research    Melbourne Australia    12-Nov-09
3-Apr-09    AUC    Australian Apple University Consortium: you can take IT with you    Canberra Australia    27-Sep-09
6-Apr-09    ECGBL    European Game-based learning    Graz Austria    12-Oct-09
7-Apr-09    vsmm 2009    Vision or Reality? Computer Technology and Science    Vienna Austria    9-Sep-09
10-Apr-09    DMAMH 2009    Digital Media and its Application in Museum & Heritage    Qingdao China    25-Jul-09
10-Apr-09    ACM MULTIMEDIA         Beijing China    19-Oct-09
13-Apr-09    CHINZ    NZ ACM Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction    Auckland New Zealand    6-Jul-09
14-Apr-09    vast2009    Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage    Malta    22-Sep-09
15-Apr-09    Cyberworlds    CYBERWORLDS    Bradford UK    7-Sep-09
15-Apr-09    Pacific Island Archaeology    Relevance and Engagement    Koror, Palu    1-Jul-09
15-Apr-09    DiGRA 2009    Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory    London UK    1-Sep-09
24-Apr-09    Del    Designs on E-learning    London UK    2-Sep-09


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