Call for Journal Articles (CFPs or CJAs?)

#1 Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Virtual World (Journal of Virtual Worlds Research)

Theme of Special ISSURE: Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Virtual Worlds

Deadlines: Abstract – November 30, 2008. Full manuscript – January 15, 2009

Publication Date: March 1, 2009

#2 CFP: Technoculture, A Journal for Cultural Studies of Technology

Successful papers (or their equivalent in virtual media in a variety of formats) for this debut issue should focus on the ways humanists read technology in a range of historical periods and of academic and artistic disciplines as the subject of their work or as a special case of cultural studies. Topics for this debut issue could include depictions of technologies that treat a wide range of subjects related to the humanities and social sciences. Editors: Dr. Keith Dorwick, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette (kdorwick at yahoo dot com). Web Version:

#3 The International Journal of Role-Playing (IJRP) is now accepting submissions for the 2nd issue, due out in fall 2009. Deadline for submissions is April 1st, 2009. Download the CFP as PDF here.


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