January 2009 conference CFPs

9-Jan-09 Media in Transition 6 stone and papyrus, storage and transmission MIT USA 24-Apr-08
10-Jan-09 Edutainment 2009 E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2009) Banff, Canada 9-Aug-09
12-Jan-09 DHS Writing Design: Object, Process, Discourse, Translation Hertfordshire UK 3-Sep-09
15-Jan-09 Thinking After Dark Welcome to the World of Horror Video Games Montreal Canada 23-Apr-09
15-Jan-09 ICED 09 Design has never been Cool Stanford USA 24-Aug-09
20-Jan-09 siggraph 2009 siggraph 2009 New Orleans 3-Aug-09
30-Jan-09 Critical/Digital Critical Digital: Who Cares(?) Harvard Boston 17-Apr-08
30-Jan-09 IADIS Game & Entertainment Game and Entertainment Technologies 2009 Algarve Portugal 17-Jun-09
30-Jan-09 Interact 2009 12th IFIP conference on Human-Computer interaction Uppsala Sweden 24-Aug-09

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