Natural swimming pool, Litchfield National Park, Darwin
Natural swimming pool, Litchfield National Park, Darwin

The OZCHI conference featured keynotes from Paul Dourish, Gary Marsden and Fiona Ingram (Sensis Australia) but I only had time for a talk by Dourish before rushing off to SIGGRAPH ASIA in Singapore.

At OZCHI Truna, David, Marlyn and I hosted a workshop on designing digital aids for engagement in natural places.

We would have to get feedback from the 9 participants to be sure, but I thought it went really well, and now I know a little more about workshops I would love to host one again, in fact I may even suggest one to as demo for archimuse in Indiana. Paul Dourish seems to be moving towards the cultural implications of CHI and yet I think to myself his notion of culture seems rather vague but then I missed the first 30 minutes of the talk (for once, not my fault!)

Cairns and Palm Cove (where we were staying) is picturesque, had a great time diving on the great barrier reef, and in Singapore there were many people offering to show me around so I will have to think of ways to repay them.

After Singapore Eric Fassbender took me on a tour of walks and swims in Darwin (Litchfield National Park) and if Litchfield is anything to go by, Kakadu must be spectacular. Saw quite a bit of the wildlife and even some oddly toothed locals. And the fresh food Saturday market (Parap) was awesome.

Darwin also has a brand new conference venue facility on the marina (with seafood restaurants on the jetty nearby) but sorry my camera was full!


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