December Call For Papers

1-Dec-08 CEPE 2009 Corfu
Computer Ethics Corfu, Greece 27-Jun-09
1-Dec-08 EKSIG 2009 London
Experiential Knowledge, Method and Methodology London UK 19-Jun-09
15-Dec-08 C&T 2009 Penn USA
Communities and Technologies Penn USA 24-Jun-09
15-Dec-08 WCCE2009 Brazil
9th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education Brazil 27-Jul-09
15-Dec-08 CAA 2009 Virginia USA
Making History Interactive Virginia USA 22-Mar-09
15-Dec-08 NorLit 2009 Stockholm
Aesthetics, Language And Politics In An Age Of Digital Media Stockholm Sweden 6-Aug-09
19-Dec-08 FDG09 Florida USA
Foundations of Digital Games Florida 26-Apr-09
23-Dec-08 IADE conference Lisbon
5th UNIDCOM/IADE design Lisbon Portugal 1-Oct-08

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